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Personal & Business Protection

Due to the current need for both personal and business protection, Allstyle Products are designing and making a range of protective screens and visors to help employers make their workplaces a safer environment for both employees and customers.

We have some screens and visors available for collection, please call for information. For custom sizes and orders, please contact Allstyle Products directly.

Currently available:

  • Child face visors (full face with elastic headband) £8 inc. VAT

  • Keep your distance floor stencil (400mm) £48 inc. VAT

  • Social distancing signage (150mm x 200mm) £18 inc. VAT

  • Free standing Perspex countertop partition screens (600mm x 600mm with cut out) £45 inc. VAT

  • Adult personal protective visors (full face with elastic headband) £10 inc. VAT

Please note that Government guidelines concerning social distancing will be observed for both delivery and collection of orders.

Using engraving, CNC and laser cutting technology, we are able to personalise your project, adding fine detail.
Bespoke Projects 

Supplying materials in a range of thicknesses, finishes and colours, Allstyle Products can make unique and personalised items to your specifications.

Our machines allow us to shape and engrave a range of materials, including Perspex, wood, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and coloured mirror. perspex plastic acrylic fabrication
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